My 1st Website Experience

My WordPress Blog Post:
Toastmasters is a great opportunity to talk about your experiences in front of other people. Describing my process in which I developed my 1st website will hopefully help me teach others and help other small businesses develop a web presence. This is how I did it.

Index or Home page: The process by which my site was created was a great journey. I started by taking the template site that was provided, saving the 4 pages to my hard drive along with copies of the portrait graphic and sessions logo. I then replaced elements such as the portrait with my own, the header with our Sky Studio logo embedded into the banner background using Photoshop. I copied and pasted the code from another student’s site that had a banner instead of the default title text and replaced it with my own design. Once the graphical elements were taken care of I replaced the title and body text with my own and changed the background colour for each page by changing the hexadecimal colour codes in each of the 4 HTML files opened up in Notepad.
At this stage I registered and created accounts and profiles for the following Web 2.0 sites: YouTube, Flicker, Facebook and WordPress. I uploaded a short yoga instruction video . I uploaded photos and created a slideshow that I added to my Flicker account of photos in Hawaii and paintings that I have created . In WordPress I created a blog about my Toastmasters experience
Links page: Once all these were set up I added the code required to link up with each on this page.
Videos page: This is where I pasted the code according to the instructions to have my video on YouTube ready to play.
Images page: This is where I pasted the code according to the instructions to have my slideshow in Flicker ready to play.
Before I began placing my files online I added 3 buttons to link up with my Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and Flicker Photostream page. I also added keywords and descriptions to optimize my site for search engines and crawlers.
Now I was ready to get a domain name and hosting though GoDaddy
Testing the pages from my desktop I came across an issue that needed to be resolved before I went further. From each of the pages my links to the other pages didn’t work. After searching through other student’s code that were working I still couldn’t find anything that worked. Posing the question to my instructor she said, “By default the links may be going to the Sessions site and you may need to change them to local links to your other files.”
I found out this wasn’t the issue. Analyzing the code I stumbled across the code identifying the file names for the other pages with the extension .html . My HTML files had the extension .htm . When I edited the code to reflect this, the links worked. Hooray!
Once the files were uploaded again to my host and working properly I was ready to evaluate the statistics. I registered for google analytics to check using my site’s rank, visitor information web traffic.
The last item I did once completing this blog was submit both my blogs on WordPress. I’m sure the rating wasn’t very good because I couldn’t find it.
Plan for my Future Web Presence:
To start the tools that I would like to use would have to be the following :
1) Social network such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to distribute to people I already know.
2) YouTube is a very useful tool to spread popularity of my yoga instruction, inspirational life coach speeches through Toastmasters International which is all over the world.
3) Also art instruction blog pages on  our website which will be used for advertising our artwork capability and past projects.
4) Posting blogs on wordpress with links to my site.
5) Finally a private portfolio site that can be viewed only by future clients on FTP.
I hope you enjoyed my speech today on creating a website and I welcome everyone to come check out mine.
Welcome to my 1st website for “Sky Studio”!
Sky Studio